Friday, February 5, 2010

Can You Guess?

There have been definite changes in our house. All to the glory of God. Not that our kids were that disobedient to begin with, but there was definite room for improvement beginning with me. John and I are faithful that keeping our family in the Word and sharing with them whenever time allows (which is more than we all want to admit) is the key to their hearts and inner compass down a meaningful road. This has proven fruitful in a most miraculous way. I had the opportunity to talk with Caleb for a long time this past Wednesday when he had his routine orthodontist visit. We even went out to lunch afterwards. Gosh do I love this guys inner heart.

Fast forward to today.

Caleb and Rachel were getting ready to leave to walk to school. They opened the front door to see that the ground was wet from raining. He looked back at me with an optimistic look to see if I would take them to school. I told him that today was the one day I was not taking anyone to school-- so sorry.

"Besides Caleb, you need to get used to walking in the rain! You'll most likely be doing lots of it this summer when we go!"

Can you guess where Caleb has decided to go this summer? :) It is an answer to prayer.


Ruth said...

Can you figure out a way for Caleb to ship his homemade cinnamon rolls to raise money? I'd buy some just from your description!

Melissa said...

Is is going with you to Ukraine? That would be wonderful! Then you would have a brother and sister for your new one to meet. I am so excited for your family.
Our family is in the waiting game for adopting from our state. We are hoping to adopt an older girl. We have inquired about a waiting child and are so eager for news!!
I have a question about beanie hats. Can I request a specific color? Also, can I purchase a couple hats instead of a hat and scarf combo? Let me know what an appropriate price would be. I don't know anything about knitting or crocheting so I have no idea how much work goes into these.

Christine said...

Hi Ruth, Funny you mention that--We were just talking about that or making homemade cookies. :) I'll have to show him your comment!

Christine said...

Melissa, yes you can order just beanie caps and specify the color. Suggested donation is $10. Just let us know. :)

Taylor said...

aw that's so cool that he's going with you guys...I'm assuming lol :)

Mountain Girl said...

I would order some cinnamon rolls too! They look delicious! And I'm so glad Caleb is going to get to go with you.

Jamey & Catherine said...

Thats wonderful that Caleb is going with you. I agree with other commenters and I too would definatly order cinnamon rolls. (Getting them through customs to Canada would be the hard part.) I have never made Cinnamon rolls before but would it work to do kind of the "cookie in a jar" thing? You put all the ingredints into one jar with the directions on how to make the treat by just pouring the contents of the jar into a bowl and adding the milk/ eggs / oil/ water etc. (Liquids)
Just a suggestion on a fundraiser. :) I know that Julia had her own blog on the trip to Ukraine for Alex and I would read that all the time, do you think Rachel and Caleb will have one? (Or a joint effort maybe?)