Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Think This is Pretty Quick-- Don't you?

I sent off our immigration application with homestudy back on February 17. I received notice that the Department of Homeland Security got our application and cashed our check on February 15. Today I received our invitation to be fingerprinted! The only bummer is that due to budget cuts we can no longer get fingerprinted on Saturdays which has been our routine in the past. Oh well--- I guess we'll be be fingerprinting during the week.

On another note, the notary I used last time who volunteered her services for free is not acceptable to Ukraine this time around because her stamp expires in less than 12 months. Hopefully I will find one as nice and accommodating as she was!


Annie said...

picky, picky, picky

That WAS quick, I think. I always think of fingerprinting as a date.
(You take what you can get.)

Jeanette said...

It took us almost 3 years of paperwork to realize that banks do notarizing for free if you have an acct. And TD Bank does it for free for anyone!!!

soontobemomof9 said...

That was quick! You may be done with 2 adoptions before we can do 1!

Kelli said...

go on facebook, maybe someone in your area will respond as a notary. Or call a mortgage company and ask them, I use to have to notarize things all the time and since the company paid for my notary, I didnt charge people. they only charge so they can make money so you need to find one that , that is not their profession but an added bonus.hehe. good luck. this is so exciting and fun to follow.

Annie said...

The secretary at our church is a notary - of course she does it for nothing, and I'm always here. The secretary at the school is a notary also.