Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hat and Scarf 2

Here is a soft, beigey-yellow and black hat/scarf set. Suggested donation $25.
Please leave a comment or email. From now on I will update with who got the set.
Thank you again!


Anonymous said...

I am loving the flower detail!!! Don't need a set but they are so cute!!!


Stephanie said...

Do you think they could do smaller ones for little kids??

Christine said...

Stephanie, yes they can make smaller ones. Let us know what you would like.

AndreaB said...

Your girls are so creative and they do a fabulous job!!! I have a suggestion to help them get more business. I'm not sure if you want to extend their business past your blog readers, but setting up an Etsy site for them might be a good idea. I've know a few people who have set them up, and its a great way to get more business! Another thought is (not sure how hard these would be) but a lot of the teenage girls these days are wearing the headbands that are like beanies, but don't cover the tops of their heads. (Do you know what I'm talking about?) I know those would sell well too! Just some thoughts =]]

Great job Julia and Rachel!

Marilyn said...

I live in Canada so can't purchase the beautiful items, but just want to say as a knitter and crotcheter they are just lovely! Your girls won't have any trouble selling these items.

Marilyn in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hevel said...

While I'm not likely to order one with us being in the middle of two adoptions and living considerable postage away, do you mind me linking to this post or another on my sidebar? Do you have a button?