Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homestudy Draft

We already got our first homestudy draft yesterday. Boy, is our social worker awesome! I have sent it to God's Waiting Children (the ministry that is facilitating our adoption) to review. They are so wonderful to work with. Always quick to return my calls, give me up to date info, and encourage me through the endless dossier preparation, I can't say enough good things about who we are using for this adoption.

Some things have changed since our last adoption-- but I am confident that we will get through them. Once again, I see God's hand in many little things that have already gone effortlessly well. Some would just call it good luck, but I know that it is God who has placed some amazing people in our lives to assist us in our adoption.

Praising God today for everything.


Taylor said...

I am so glad that this adoption is going smoothly so far. I am so excited to discover the child that you will be adopting :) Praying for you!!! :)

Lisa said...

With God all things are possiable! Praying for Gods hand in this adoption and for Gods will to be done.

MamaPoRuski said...

Can you elaborate on the changes? Someone else posted having to do new stuff...just curious of course.
Praying for your process-I know you know by now that God's plan will triumph over any obstacle Satan can put in your path. Praying for a clear path and safety for all!

The McEacherns said...

Luck... yeah, right! When well-meaning people told us, "Good luck," I wanted to tell them that our adoption had nothing to do with luck! It was fully God-directed, not led by something akin to karma, fate, or luck!

MMrussianadoption said...

so happy to hear you are on the road to another adoption. cant wait to meet them