Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homestudy Being Written As We Speak

This past week we finished up all of our homestudy paperwork. Now it is being updated and could be done as early as next week! This is awesome news for us since that means our immigration paperwork can begin. The rest of the paperwork that we need for our dossier is fairly simple.

Other than that, I do not have much to report--- however much excitement is going on for Haitian adoptive parents who after many years of being in the process are finally being united with their new children! I am so excited for Kathy, her children, and all the others who have endured delay after delay. Praise the Lord that there will be many less orphans tonight!

Recently the comment was made about us adopting from Haiti. This is something that we wish we could at least consider but due to family size restrictions we do not qualify. The same with many other countries. Door closed. Period.

Large family friendly countries to adopt from include Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria. Are there any others?

Also, someone was wondering why we decided on Ukraine again. Frankly, I have fallen in love with the country-- and everything about it. I think of it as a little Russia that is more friendly, affordable, and inviting. Plus the dossier is much easier, you don't need visas, and the cost of adopting from Ukraine is almost half that of Russia. To put it simply... my heart is in Ukraine.


Kristy said...

half? Wow! Would you mind sharing more?

Hevel said...

So excited for you!!!

The Dulls said...

I think the Marshall Islands are friendly to large families too. They do more of an open adoption where the adoptive family travels, meets the birth family, etc. That is with infants - I'm not sure about the older children. But the program has very few restrictions which we have run into because of age. We are praying about this country...only 1 agency works with the Marshall Islands so it's quite different than any other program we've researched. We'll see what the Lord does! So excited to follow your journey on your blog!!

Lisa said...

I am so excited for you and the family and for the child that will be coming into your family!

Christine said...

Hi Kristy, Yes it is less expensive because the dossier has less documents, the flights are a bit cheaper, the expenses in Ukraine are much much cheaper, and you do not have to make three trips. Plus, the agency fee is thousands less from what I have seen.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Ethiopia is large family friendly too!

Laura said...

Wow, Christine - just followed your blog after you posted on FRUA and I am just so thrilled to hear that you are planning to open your hearts and home to another child.

You amaze me with your abilities to mother so many children and still be able to blog!

God bless you as you travel on another journey to change this world one child at a time. A lucky child awaits you!

Laura :)

Kristy said...

Thanks for the break down. I was very puzzled as we only paid around 26,000 for our adoption, BUT our ten day period was waived so we only had to do two trips and was able to complete our second trip in 13. (very lucky!) So, I was thinking 1/2 that, and couldn't imagine how one could adopt for 13,000.