Friday, May 28, 2010

Japanese Tea Set

So--- I am humbly going to try to do some last minute fundraising. Please don't ask why, but I am personally struggling to feel like this adoption is worthy of being fundraised for. Yet, it will be more expensive because there isn't a Reece's Rainbow grant to begin with and we are adopting two-- one with an adult plane fare home. I know, I know, this is the pride in me, and so I am stepping out in faith and seeing what happens. Thank you ahead of time for whatever you feel led to do, if anything at all.

A few years ago, I go this beautiful tea set from Japan. I always envisioned it being displayed beautifully in a curio cabinet or on a fireplace mantle, or better yet being used by a mother and her daughter or daughters having tea and fortune cookies. Isn't it pretty? Sadly, I never did get it out because I would need more than one set to ever be able to use it with our size family. Still, I think my dreams for this tea set could be fulfilled by another family..... so I am holding a silent auction for it.

Its detail is lovely, its color is gorgeous. It has never been used.

I will ship it to the highest bidder, bubble wrapped in its original box. Please factor in $5 for shipping costs when bidding.
All donations will go towards our new children's plane tickets home. Feel free to spread the word. Thank you.
Almost forgot to mention bidding ends on June 1st at noon.


Chris said...

It is beautiful.

I would also like to direct people to for a Prayer Pillow Raffle to raise funds for the Reed Family Adoption. Better later than never I guess!

kharms80 said...

Do you want us to email you our bids?

Karyn Reed said...

How do we bid on it?

Christine said...

Hi gals! SOrry I didn't respond sooner but yes just leave a comment with your bid. Thanks!

Phoenix said...

I will start the bidding at 20 dollars. I am in Germany, however will pay for shipping!


Karyn Reed said...

I bid $50.

Christine said...

Thank you Phoenix. Thank you Karyn. Blessings.

kharms80 said...

I bid $60.

Christine said...

Kate---thank you.