Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Are You Rich?"

A few days back during one of our visits, Nastya asked me, “Are you rich?” Of course, I didn’t know that was what she was asking and so I responded with what. She asked again, and I asked her to repeat herself because I still didn't understand her and so she asked again. I tried to move onto something else then maybe I could understand her, but she was adamant in knowing the answer. She finally asked our facilitator to ask me.

“Are you rich?”

Hmmm, I thought for a moment.

I wanted to shout-- Of course we are rich! We are rich in love! We are rich with children! We are rich with our health! And we are rich because you are joining our family!

Yet, I didn’t think that was the answer she was looking for. I told her that no we are not so rich with fancy cars and expensive vacations but we are rich enough to be able to care for two more children-- Pasha and her. I promised her she would always have food to eat, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, and a roof over her head. I wondered if that answer would suffice. Ahhh, what the heck! I went ahead and thre in what I originally wanted to tell her--- yes we are rich in love, and with children, and with our health!

To that, she smiled—and went back to her beading. She seemed content with my answer.
Today we went on a walk after sleeping in till noon. We knew it was going to be an incredibly hot day and I said outloud, "Oh how I wish it would rain today." Fat chance since there was not a cloud in the sky. We began our hot walk to the store. We shopped for french toast fixings and began our walk home. The clouds began darkening the sky and before we knew it it was drizzling. "Too bad you won't get a chance to see a Ukraine downpour where the streets become rivers," I told the kids." Then what do you know-- it began to rain harder.

Yes, we were caught in a down pour. Yes, the streets became rivers. Yes, God cooled us off.

Once the rain went back to a drizzle we walked home. It was very nice.

P.S. John no longer has to worry about losing his crown.


Mama said...

It is very cool that you were able to express to Nastya that she will always be taken care of. I'm sure so many of the kids there are afraid they are going somewhere else where there might not be enough food or clothes. And does the comment about John mean that he already lost his crown or you found a dentist (like Jodi from RR did)?

Lisa said...

Good answer. yeah for the rain. Does that mean he already "Lost" his crown?

Anonymous said...

Compared to most of the rest of the world (though maybe not comparing yourselves to others in America), you are rich materially. You gave her a beautiful answer, though!

Diana said...

Oh, that Ukrainian heat! It can be wicked, that is for sure...especially when it is very humid and the air is completely still and heavy. One thing we learned pretty quickly though, is that unbearable heat and humidity are a surefire indicator that a storm is on the way. We had days where it was near 100 degrees with close to 100% humidity and then it would rain and the temperatures would drop 50 degrees and stay that way for several days.

Anonymous said...

But no, the only reason you were shocked a bit is because you were thinking she was asking about YOUR picture of being rich. But if she saw pics of your huge house, huge van and A PRIVATE POOL(!) I'm 100% sure she thought you were rich. It's only in USA that people call what you have "modest". In Eastern Europe these things are a privilege of the rich people. It's just that living standards in USA are so much higher that people think having a pool is just another regular thing. It's not, but you're so lucky to be able to think that. :)

Tony and Dawn said...

I'm not even going to address "Anonymous" because some people just don't get it. But to the point of my comment - be careful what you wish for, God is listening!! Great to hear things are going so well and you have been able to share your love with the other children! We say a prayer for y'all when we have our bedtime prayers. God Bless -

:)De said...

After your post about French Toast the other day, I just had to make some for dinner and it was so good and the kids and I talked all about your adventure and your new children! We are so happy for you all and thank you for letting us all be a part. How is Rachel doing? I think of her often in the country of her birth and wonder how she is reacting. Continue with you beautiful trip and we are praying the 6 of you home safe and soon.


Jefferson Hunt said...

Geesh! You can make it rain just by wishing for it?! What else can you do? Oh! I know! Pick me! Give good answers to kids questions!

While still in Ukraine, our son (whom we did not host) saw a picture of our house. He said it didn't look very good. I was rather taken aback by that, considering all he didn't have. Since he's been in the States, we haven't heard the first comment about anyone having a bad house or bad things or being poor. I am sure your's will both love all the cool things they will soon get to call their own - especially a happy family.

James said...

So did John superglue the crown in, or did he really lose it?

We are praying for you guys! Thanks for all the updates. I pray we can do the same very soon.

God bless

Qadoshyah said...

We get those kind of storms here in Oklahoma. In fact, just had two like that this afternoon. Where it rained an inch or two in the matter of 15-30 minutes ;)! Sounds like a great time!

MamaPoRuski said...

I am amazed Nastya was satisfied with your answer, considering what she has learned about Americans through television and the staff...LOL! Praying for continued bonding!

Anonymous said...

First off, I'd like to thank you for letting us follow your experiences. You and John are beautiful and so full of love! God bless you a hundred fold.

My questions are about Nastya and Pasha. I'd like to know how long they have lived in orphanages. And do you know why they were orphaned?

I'm also curious as to why their names will be "Americanized" verses letting them keep them as is.

Someone else asked if the two are biological brother and sister; which I was wondering also.. along with how you came about selecting to adopt them.

Many continued blessings to you and yours!

Annie said...

Well, honestly - in MY view, and I'm an Amerian, you ARE rich. Not ONLY, in love and children, and health - but also in money.

Now, I'd be the first to say that children and love are vastly more important overall....and I expect you were wanting to emphasize that that is what is truly important.

However, I am sure that (for a while at least) she will feel rich.
To me you seem rich - you have a big house, you can stay home with your children. You can adopt.

But, I have to remind myself that if your new children came to MY house, they'd consider themselves rich, too! People at the food pantry in our town think I am rich! Whereas I don't appreciate all that I have.

Too bad that our children who come to us from poverty, don't retain that feeling of being rich. And none of us can adequately appreciate our blessings. But, that is our fallen human nature I guess...

Anonymous said...

I don't understant why "Dawn and Tony" took offense at the anonymous comment. It wasn't offensive or ill-spirited in the least! Being from a developing country, I can attest that having what you have is indeed considered "rich" in most of the world.

But that is not bad, and "Anonymous" wasn't implying that it was bad.

- Ana

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That answer is perfect. I think many in Ukraine think Americans are rich. But they also know much can be done with nothing. A happy "in between" like so many Americans are is perfect and will be so much more than they are used to. You are rich in so many ways, but some of those ways are not easy for a child to understand until they are part of it.