Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Kharms80 (Kate) is the highest bidder for the Japanese tea set. Thank you to all who bid on it and helped raise $60 towards our adoption of Anastasia and Pavel. I am very appreciative of your generosity. Please email me at thereed8 at yahoo dot com.


Michelle said...

are you going to call your newest daughter "Nastia" like the olympic champion gymnast who was born in moscow?

usually anastasia would turn into "anna" but you've already got two of them!

Ágnes said...

Can I ask two questions?
I thought, you will have to have two trips to Ukraine, but you wrote, they will be home already in summer What does it depend on?

As far as I know there are twelve seats for the children in your van...:) Will you have "auxiliary" seats (I don't Know the righr word, sorry)in it or need a bigger van?

I'm sure Anastasia and Pavel will love their new family!


The McEacherns said...

Hey! I didn't get time to leave a comment, but those were my name guesses!

Chris said...

Anastasia and Pavel. I think this is the first used their names! Can't wait to see pictures as well and, of course, looking forward to following you on your journey back to Ukraine.

Only one more day to enter the Giveaway to raise money and help bring A and P home! Check it out at www.misterchristian.blogspot.com

Valentina said...

Michelle, Anastasia is always Nastia or Nastya in Russian or Ukrainian language but never Anna

Eastern Europe09 said...

Hi Christine! So happy to hear it wont be long to you are here meeting your children!!! Thanks for the comments on our blog, The Fritz Farm. Yes Ken is doing well and to answere your last question awhile ago, we are adopting the 15yr old from South America! I have a question for you, that candy you were talking about that you get here? What was it again, fizzy something??? Cant wait to hear back - Congrats again!!!!