Monday, June 14, 2010

The First Stretch

Hi everyone! We made it safe and sound to the airport, thanks to our nice friends Paul and Melissa. We actually got to their house a little after three in the morning but we told them we wouldn't be there until 4 so we camped out in our car in the front of their house. Finally John called them after he let me have a cat nap and we joined them for breakfast. It was a pleasure to begin our trip with such wonderful people-- thanks again Paul and Melissa!

Let me back up a bit. As we buckled up in the car, a bunch of fireworks went off in our neighborhood--- they lit up the sky. What timing.... and what a send off! We listened to Caleb's music on the way down-- nothing like Stellar Kart and Manafest blasting throughout the car! Made me feel like a teenager!

Check in was a bit of a challenge doing it ourselves, but we got through it eventually. :)

Now we are sitting at our gate with lots of hustle and bustle around us. It is quite exciting but lack of sleep is catching up with me. Oh well, nothing like preparing your body for a time change before you even get to your destination.

So really.... next stop....


P.S. Tina, that was a wonderful offer to drive over for a visit while we are in Boston. I would have liked that very much! And yes, Rachel is very excited about this trip. She can't get over how big the airplanes are!

P.S.S. The coolest thing I forgot to mention happened right after Andrew's recital. Rachel's bio-brother and his family met up with us to say good-bye! How special is that?

P.S.S.S. We already miss all of you! Have a great day.... and stay out of trouble. Remember Annalyn and Anna--- help Mrs. Cappelletty fold clothes! Julia have fun with Hannah!


Stephanie said...

I woke up early this morning and couldn't go to sleep. While laying there, God brought you guys to my mind and I prayed for your trip. Can't wait to "meet" the 2 new members of your family!

Kevin and Pam said...

Oh Boy! Can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Annie said...


standfortruth said...


Which region are you headed to? I would love to meet you someday.
All the best to you!
Christy Hinkson