Friday, June 11, 2010

It Takes Only One

It only takes one person.... and once in a while you are really blessed with two.... or even more.

That is what happened yesterday.

When I came home after a long day, mail in hand, I opened up a card from a person whose address I did not recognize and was blessed with a very encouraging message. A complete stranger according to the world... yet a sister in Christ went out of her way to write me and send a gift in support of our adoption. Thank you Denise for lifting me and my family up in a most amazing way. You say that you have been blessed by me...... I think it is the other way around. Thank you.

And then.... I opened my email and found a very touching comment by someone who says they have read through every blog post on all of my blogs over the past month. A little scared to read on, she too encouraged me in exactly the way that I needed to be. I think it is just amazing how God uses people at precisely the right moment to encourage and help out someone else. This was definitely one of those times.

Feeling blessed beyond measure times two, I got a call from our small group last night inviting us to a get-together so that they could all pray for us before we leave. Little did my friend Tina know-- but she made me cry tears of joy. Again, what a blessing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Between these three things and the amazing things that happened last week with everyone who participated in the pillow fundraiser and then a few weeks back the I-POD Nano giveaway---- love has surrounded this whole adoption process. Your words of encouragement have been instrumental in our journey.

Love you guys!

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