Saturday, June 5, 2010


Alex and Dennis are very attached to me--- and I to them. I think this is especially so because they are still home with me more times than not and well, because I am their primary caregiver. I have noticed lately that they reference me all the time too--- I'm gonna tell Mom--- No, my Momma--- Where's Mom--- Look it Mom! Of course I am thrilled for this is the kind of healthy attachment I hoped to have with both of them-- but this also makes me think of how they are going to do when I am gone. Thankfully, Julia and Adam will be with them the whole time I am gone and I will talk with them often on the phone, but I still wonder how things will be as soon as I leave. They will have pictures of course and John will be home sooner than I will be--- but this is something that I am putting my trust in the Lord with. I know He is in control, I know He has all of our best interests at heart, and I know He knows where I struggle--- so I am just going to trust.

Proverbs 3 5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will keep your paths straight.

Just like I am going to trust that A and P will feel an immediate connection with us. I am planning so many little ice breakers for the first few days that I think things will be just fine. I am also bringing our 2009 Smiles and Trials blog book that I made a few months ago that should really give them an idea of what our family is like. I think A and P will feel comfortable having Caleb and Rachel around too. The two of them are so outgoing that I have no doubt they will be hanging out with all the older kids in the orphanage, if that is allowed.

Anyway, we are leaving in only eight days! Can you believe that? Eight days!


Joni said...

You couldn't possibly know it, but I just referenced these exact verses from the Bible on my facebook a month or so ago, when we were still looking for our next rental and I was having such of a hard time with the fact that our kids have to have to deal with another big move. I sure understand your concerns about the boys - but I think they'll be alright in the end. Good luck with your pre-trip flurry and scurry! Can't wait to hear about the trip as it's happening! :-)

Kathy C. said...

Wow. It's getting so close!

Jennie said...

I am so happy for you and your family and am looking forward to reading about A and P!

Jamey & Catherine said...

Hey Christine, I know that its getting close to leaving but I was just thinking about something you could do for Alex and Dennis. Make a video of you and John saying goodmorning to the boys that they can watch every morning when they wake up. (If you have a video before bed they may miss you more before going to sleep but this way have something exciting to wake up to.) You can tell them where you are and maybe read a favorite story or whatever so that along with the phone calls they can "see" you talking to them everyday. Also, I sent a package xpress post a few days ago so it should reach you in the next couple days.

Stephanie said...

I totally understand the feeling of leaving little ones behind! Pray and give it to God. There's really nothing else better that you can do. :)

Mike and Christie said...

It was so hard when we had to leave our girls behind. We talked to them on the phone every day, and emailed pictures. But we all missed each other terribly. When we got back, our reunion was so very sweet. :)

Christine, I have a question about visas. Is Rachael using a Ukrainian Passport AND an American Passport?
How does it work to take her back to Ukraine?