Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Open Market

Today we had our facilitator drive us to the open market. We paid close attention to the 2 mile drive so that we could walk back later. It usually closes around 2pm so we got there before noon to make sure we had plenty of time to browse the rows of merchants.

We enjoyed looking at the toys. So simply made-- nothing mechanical-- yet so cute.

These are the kinds of brooms we see everyone sweeping with around here. Maybe I could bring you back one Annalyn-- LOL. :)

On our way back we saw this statue. The old woman in the left hand bottom corner of the picture caught our attention more. She had to be the saddest old lady we have ever seen.

We have seen many disabled people here. This man seemed to have no trouble getting around with his wheel chair.

Isn't this car so cute? Adam-- I promise to find one just like it at home for your first car-- okay?

John forgot about his loose crown today and it fell out while he was eating an ice-cream cone. Lucky me got to put it back in.

We pass under this tunnel everytime we go to the market. The night before we walked over it along the train tracks. Today, we went under it. Just as I was taking this picture, I stepped into a pothole and fell down. Not fun-- but I am alright.

We bought this fun headband to take home as a souvenir for one of the girls. Rachel and I took turns wearing it home.

Caleb noticed all of these lady bugs mating. They are everywhere!

Right down this street is where our house is. This is the second man we saw here in a wheelchair. Personally, I am happy to see more people in wheelchairs out and about. They should not be shut in.
Not only are there potholes everywhere but there are also manholes missing their covers. One step when you are not looking and you may fall and break your neck-- literally.

This is the home where we are staying. Don't let it fool you-- it not only is a big house but it has the most amazing garden.
Back at the market, I wanted to buy strawberries so bad we bought them from the only Babushka we saw selling them. The berries were pathetic, little looking things but we bought them anyway. It felt as if our purchase may have been the only one the Babushka had all day and at three grivna we could afford it. She wrapped them in a plastic bag so by the time we got them home they were crushed and fermented. Still, I was determined to wash them and make some jam. The lady of the house Luba joined us in the kitchen. She looked at the berries strangely and when I told her, "Harashow," she shook her head in disgust. By this time I felt defeated-- no strawberries for us-- but she invited Rachel to her garden. Five minutes later Rachel brought in strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and other little fruits. I was impressed. Really impressed. All this time I had been looking for strawberries at the open market and yet all I had to do was ask Luba. I followed Rachel back out to the garden and Luba gave me a tour. On their one acre of land they had all kinds of fruit trees, fresh herbs, vegetables, berries-- you name it-- they grow it. She named them all for me. Except Basil and Cilantro-- they haven't heard of them.


Marilyn said...

I broke a crown when on vacation - right at the front so was very self concious - and when I got back my dentist told me in a pinch like that to just put some toothpaste on it and it hold pretty good. You might have to do that a couple of times, but better than loosing it. Everywhere looks so lovely and I love the house you are staying in. Hope all goes well in the next few days.


living4him5 said...

Wow, I feel like I'm right there with you!

I would love to walk around that beautiful garden myself. It's sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

God bless and Praying for you in Illinois.

Amy <><

Lisa said...

I wish there was a way to send you some money so I could get one of those little brooms, they would be perfect for Savannah.

The pictures are lovely, yah'll are so blessed to have been able to stay where you are.

Praying for your court date to be very soon!

Julie said...

Can I ask what region you are in? The picture of the market and the statute looks familiar... : )

Anonymous said...

If you can find denture adhesif at a pharmacy- it would probably hold the crown until you get home.

Annie said...

I too would have definitely have purchased one of those brooms if I'd seen one!!! I expect they would work great for the sidewalk and driveway. And what a great keepsake.

I'm so glad you bought that babushka's berries, and better yet that you got nicer ones later! What a lovely house. I'm SO glad you are enjoying it!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

How interesting to see all that! Thank you for sharing with us!

Jeri said...

After staying in four separate apartments, I always wanted to stay in a regular home. How lucky for you. Thank you for buying the lady's strawberries..."Whatever you do for the least of My brothers, that you do unto Me." Living the spirit. Was Rachel adopted from a region anywhere near where you are?

Erin said...

Is Cilantro the same as corriander?

Holly said...

I just got caught up again on your posts. When you wrote about the older children my heart just about broke. despite our personal experience I know with all my heart that children NEED a all ages of development and I do yearn for older children to find forever families. It must be so very hard to be there spending time with them knowing you will have to leave them behind. You are sharing them with us though Christine and who knows how the Father might use your words, your stories to open the hearts of others who He is calling to trust Him to step out and add an older child to their family! It is the right decision for so many!
My heart is just being so very filled with love for the orphans of the Ukraine in particular. Who knows what God may do?
Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Winnie said...

The statue looks so very familiar - can you tell us where it is?

Hope that clearance hurries up!

Jag är jag said...

Those are no ladybugs!! :-)

Hope they find your interpol documents soon!!!

Rebekah said...

I followed your blog when you adopted Dennis, and have been checking in everyday during this adoption. I just wanted you to know that our family is praying for your family, and for those beautiful children in the Ukraine. I am especially praying for Luba, as well. Her beautiful face, continually comes to my mind. Praying also for a quick approval from the court for you and the Dove family.

Anonymous said...

I love Rachel's Pippi hair! Hoping everything goes smoothly for the rest of your journey-
Violet Evansby

Anonymous said...

hey mom I love how the place looks.


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!! Im not the youngest any more.Hey rachel I watched 16 Wishes it was boring and awsome
Love Anna