Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Just 10 Days

I can hardly believe it. God willing-- in 10 days we are leaving for Ukraine! Things continue to come together as I make last minute preparations. Who is going to watch which kids? Who will get the mail? Feed the animals? I'm prepaying bills. Going through closets. Writing up medical authorizations. Buying socks and underwear.

It all feels chaotic and sometimes I stop and say I am finished for today-- I've done enough. Smiling-- I know I will be most productive the last three days before we leave and so I allow myself to do this. Why stress out for ten days when I can narrow it down to three?

One exciting thing is that John ordered a PC network card for his laptop computer (through work) which means we will have Internet everywhere while over there instead of hit and miss! How nice will that be? However, that means that he will also be working from Ukraine now and then. Still, it is a great thing!

Thank you to all who helped raise over $500 for travel costs. It is a huge blessing. Can't wait to see who wins the pillows!


Difference2This1 said...

Looking forward to following your trip coming so very soon!!! Isn't these last few days a most crazy the time we get on the plane and start the REAL journey after all that "nesting, we're beat!!! :)

Chris said...

A special THANKS to all those that donated to the Reeds over at!! Thank you to:

Kate H.
Kathie and
Your generosity blew me away!!

I will be sending Christine a check today for the full amount of the Chip In total. I know I am looking forward to following along on their journey to bring A & P home.

Our winners in the giveaway are:
Pillow No.
6-Patty and Chelsea

I decided since we didn't have a winner for No.5 I will get another No. 6 pillow (the cute pink pillow) so Patty and Chelsea are both winners!

If you are a winner, I will e-mail you later today to confirm the address on the Chip In confirmation is the correct address for mailing your pillow and then I will mail them Monday.

Jennie said...

I have a question that you may be able to answer for me. When you go to pick up A & P do you have any idea what size of clothes they ware or do you have to bring several sets not knowing what will fit them. If you do not know what will fit do you bring clothes or do you buy some for them there?

Thank you,